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Tracking A Worldwide Parcel Delivery In The UK

Worldwide Parcel Services is proud to have developed a system with its main delivery route suppliers within the United Kingdom whereby a parcel can be tracked throughout its journey so that at the click of a button the position of the parcel can be established and the user can estimate the arrival time of the goods concerned. Tracking a parcel can be of no use at all to many customers but to some customers it is vitally important to its continued operation.

Worldwide Parcel Services has embraced the delivery system whereby the “Just in Time” work procedures of modern industry require goods delivered just before they are required to be used in the production cycle. “Just in time” systems have been adopted in industry so that the storage requirements of goods delivered into the production line are kept small and close to the works operation. This also means that the customer requires far less in the way of cash flow to manage his business. The only way a business like this survives is if the international parcel delivery systems the company uses can meet the requirements necessary for a good production operation and they can absolutely rely on his courier to deliver on time.

Another important delivery system requires spare parts for emergency breakdowns to be tracked so that everything is ready for their immediate usage on arrival at their end point. The third tracking requirement is the important document or file transfer business which requires legal or financial documents to be transferred in bulk exactly when required and at great speed.

In these cases Worldwide Parcel Service tracking systems come into their own, as a parcel is tracked throughout its journey. On entry into the Worldwide Parcel Service system the parcel is labelled with a bar code system that is unique to the parcel itself. Its position is logged onto the computer system and at this stage the parcel becomes live as far as Worldwide Parcel Service and its couriers are concerned although the results are not usually posted on line within the first 24 hours. Every time the parcel is shipped the delivery movement is registered into the computer by scanning the bar code. This scanning can be instantly sent to the computer library and the customer can access it position and find out just where it is and estimate when it will arrive.

Worldwide Parcels Services is working hard to get this system to a fool proof stage so that the customer is getting more and more information. The whole tracking system is important to the carrier and to the user alike, the carrier needs to know where parcel is at any time so that he can check if the deliveries are on time and that there have been no unexpected delays. This way Worldwide Parcel Service will be able to take action if the problem affects the user. Worldwide Parcel Service can also check on the delivery team at any time and see if there are any weak links.

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SMEs should take advantage of new export fund, says Parcel2Go

Small businesses in the UK should be looking to take advantage of a new £4bn fund designed to get more companies exporting.

HSBC is making the cash available to firms which turnover up to £25m, in the hope of helping them to break into new markets such as China, India and South America. The economic crisis in the eurozone is having a negative effect on UK exports, and leading parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go agrees that businesses need to look to new territories in order to grow and ensure that they remain competitive in the future.

Parcel2Go’s marketing director Richard Mercer, said initiatives such as HSBC’s export fund may help certain companies to get a foot in the door and establish themselves in foreign markets.

He said: “The world has become a much smaller place over the last few decades and now even the smallest sole traders think nothing of shipping goods off to countries such as Colombia and Egypt.

“It’s no secret that thanks to the recession, British businesses now need to work harder than ever to protect their bottom line and exporting can play a major role. Some companies might not require new funding, just the advice and support of specialists such as Parcel2Go that are experienced in the field of international shipping, and can make the logistics of exporting for the first time much simpler.”

Parcel2Go helps businesses and individuals to send more than two million parcels to addresses in the UK and foreign countries every year, and keeps shipping costs down thanks to partnerships with some of the world’s leading courier companies such as FedEx and Parcelforce.

“The process of sending goods abroad to customers on the other side of the world really is extremely simple when you have a professional courier in charge of making your delivery,” said Richard. “We’d urge all companies, regardless of their size, to make the most of the exporting opportunities available.”

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Parcel2Go Highlights The Importance Of Offering A Variety Of Shipping Options On eBay

One of the UK’s leading online parcel delivery services has stressed how important it is for UK businesses to make sure they are appealing to as wide a group of online consumers on eBay as possible.

Bolton-based Parcel2Go made the call following an interview given to the Daily Telegraph by the online auction and retail giant’s president of global marketplaces this week. Devin Wenig told the newspaper the UK had now become eBay’s fastest-growing marketplace, highlighting the fact that the British site receives visits from 17 million unique users every month, with sellers listing 40 million products.

Parcel2Go marketing director Richard Mercer said the news highlights just how important it is for businesses using eBay to ensure that they are doing everything possible to attract customers.

He said: “The popularity of eBay is something that all businesses should be looking to take advantage of. E-commerce is continuing to grow at a staggering pace and companies should be trying to maximise their exposure to potential customers.

“On eBay, one way of doing this is by offering a wide range of shipping options to customers as this will ensure that listings appeal to as wide a range of people as possible. For example, by offering international shipping options through international courier firms you are going to suddenly make your products available to a whole swathe of new customers.”

In his interview, Mr Wenig also highlighted the increasing role that mobile is playing, describing its growth as “exponential”. He said one item per second is now purchased through a mobile device.

“Smartphone usage is spreading rapidly and as more consumers get access to sites such as eBay while they’re on the move, sales will naturally increase. We want as many businesses as possible to benefit from this opportunity,” added Richard.

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Businesses must act to take advantage of tablet computing in 2012, says Parcel2Go

Tablet computing is growing at a rapid rate and businesses in the UK should make sure they’re in a position to benefit, according to Britain’s largest online parcel delivery service.

Parcel2Go, which helps individuals and businesses send millions of packages to domestic and foreign addresses each year, has urged companies to make the most of the fact that more people are using mobile devices to buy online.

The latest research paper from online analytics consultancy Logan Tod & Co said the sudden emergence of tablets “almost came out of nowhere”. Out of the 1,121 adults the company spoke to at the end of last month, 14 per cent said they had used either an iPad or another make of tablet computer to purchase a gift over the Christmas period. Logan Tod & Co said in 2010, 7 per cent of people used a mobile phone to purchase a Christmas gift – that more than doubled to 15 per cent this Christmas.

With more consumers expected to invest in a tablet computer this year, the opportunity for retailers is evident.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “This research highlights just how important it is for retailers to adopt a multi-channel approach in order to maximise sales opportunities. Having an online presence is now a must for all companies, regardless of which sector they are in, but taking that a step further and optimising websites for mobile and tablet devices now looks like it will pay dividends.

“Parcel2Go works with many thousands of companies, helping them to ship their goods to customers around the world, and it is clear that demand for well laid out, intuitive websites offering reliable international shipping options is not going to diminish anytime soon.”

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Parcel2Go reminds first-time eBayers to take care when sending off unwanted gifts

Hundreds of thousands of people are likely to go onto the internet over the Christmas period in an attempt to dispose of their unwanted presents. Gifts from aunties and uncles that simply don’t cut it will be auctioned off quicker than you can say gift receipt, but online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go is warning first-time sellers not to be too hasty.

Last year, eBay estimated that 550,000 people would go onto the internet either on Christmas Day or Boxing Day to sell their unwanted gifts online. New technology such as iPads, laptops and smartphones mean it is easier to get onto eBay than ever before, and the opportunity to get cash for unwanted gifts is likely to appeal to a large number of people this year.

Parcel2Go is urging those people who haven’t sold items over the internet before to take their time if they want the process to go smoothly and prevent their Christmas Day celebrations turning into a Boxing Day hangover. The company’s marketing director, Richard Mercer, said while the process of listing goods might be very straight forward, there are a few things sellers should remember.

“Making your goods appeal to as wide an audience as possible is very important and can make a significant difference to the amount of interest your auction attracts,” he said. “For example, failing to make sure that you offer a range of delivery options such as international shipping through leading courier companies can put off potential buyers.

“It’s also vital to ensure that any items you send off are well wrapped and will not become damaged in transit. The last thing a buyer wants is to unwrap their purchase and find that it is broken. This can cause all sorts of problems and so it is much better to do everything possible, such as using quality packaging and a leading UK courier, to avoid such a situation.”

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Parcel2Go Issues Last Christmas Post Dates Reminder

Anyone planning to send Christmas packages in time for December 25 has just a matter of days left if they want to ensure their parcels arrive on time, Parcel2Go has said.

The online parcel delivery specialist is reminding private individuals and businesses that they must act soon if they still have consignments waiting to be sent.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “Most of Parcel2Go’s final Christmas posting dates for international destinations, Europe and the UK have now passed, but there are still a few courier companies accepting deliveries. Our advice for anyone hoping to get presents or business consignments to people before Christmas is to act now.”

Customers with deliveries heading for Europe have until Tuesday, December 20 to get their package off with the Parcel2Go Express Saver or DHL EU Express services. When it comes to UK deliveries, then people can book a TNT UK Express service service through Parcel2Go until Tuesday, December 20.

Once this year’s festivities are out of the way, it will be back to work for many people across Britain, including Parcel2Go and the majority of UK’s leading courier services. Deliveries and collections will be made as usual on Wednesday December 28, Thursday December 29 and Friday December 30.

Richard added: “Once the festivities are over for another year, Parcel2Go and its courier partners are fully aware that many individuals and businesses will have important packages to send in the three days between Christmas and New Year.

“We want to remind customers that they can rely on the UK’s largest online parcel delivery service and renowned domestic and international shipping companies such as FedEx, Parcelforce and City Link to get their parcel deliveries to destinations on time and in perfect condition, as they do during the rest of the year.”

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Parcel2Go Backs Ebay’s Call For Government To Bring Forward Fast Internet Roll-Out

A call by auction and retail website eBay for the government to increase mobile internet speeds and support Britain’s online marketplace has been echoed by the UK’s largest online parcel delivery service, Parcel2Go.

The e-commerce giant stepped up pressure on the government this month to act and bring Britain in line with other countries in terms of mobile internet speeds. Through its Mobile Manifesto, which eBay passed to ministers at the start of November, the firm has voiced its concern that the UK could get left behind when it comes to mobile infrastructure.

Speaking to the BBC this week, eBay UK’s retail director Angus McCarey said while Britain is currently leading the way in Europe when it comes to smartphone ownership, it is falling behind in terms of next generation technology.

Parcel2Go has also stressed the importance for individuals and British businesses of installing an effective 4G mobile network as soon as possible. Tests are already underway in Cornwall and London, but it looks like the service won’t be widely available until at least 2013.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “The UK has been a leader so far in the world of online shopping and as a country we cannot risk losing momentum by taking a back seat when it comes to adopting 4G technology. The economy is in a fragile state and investment in faster mobile internet is exactly the type of strategy that will help to give the retail sector a shot in the arm.

“At Parcel2Go we unveiled our mobile website earlier this year to make it easier for customers to access domestic and international shipping services on the move. Businesses have their part to play in making their content and transactional pages accessible through mobile sites and apps, but the government needs to encourage investment by doing everything possible to bring forward 4G.”

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Christmas Shoppers Should Go Online To Find Black Friday Deals, Says Parcel2Go

Britain’s leading online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has reminded shoppers looking for great deals on their Christmas presents this year to remember to capitalise on Black Friday on November 25.

The annual event, which marks the start of the Christmas shopping rush in America, is designed to inspire US consumers and get the tills ringing at the start of the festive season. But thanks to the internet, next week’s shopping bonanza won’t be restricted to people living in the United States.

Amazon UK is one retailer that is joining in to bring British shoppers deals on a range of goods from books and music to fashion and beauty products, and Parcel2Go has reminded people not to miss out. Amazon will be offering timed deals between Monday, November 21 and Black Friday on the 25th.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “Black Friday might have begun as a US tradition but deal-conscious shoppers from the UK now have the chance to beat the Christmas rush and grab themselves a few bargains.

“Online shopping has completely revolutionised the way people buy presents at Christmas and as long as people make sure that their gifts are being shipped with leading couriers then buying online is a great way to avoid the queues at the tills. There are sure to be plenty of Black Friday deals to be had next week and by choosing to send presents to friends and relatives using Parcel2Go, shoppers will be able to save even more money.”

Anyone thinking of ordering goods from American businesses on Black Friday might find that some retailers will only ship to US addresses. Parcel2Go offers customers the opportunity to rent an American address and have goods forwarded to Europe with professional couriers such as DHL and FedEx, so buying direct from the US is no problem at all.

Richard added: “The US address rental service has become incredibly popular and we’d expect to see an increase in demand from European consumers as Black Friday draws closer.”

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eBay Sellers Should Make Their Views Known, Says Parcel2Go

Online auction and retail website eBay has recently launched a consultation with its sellers, asking them for their thoughts on how the company should provide customer service in the future, in a bid to improve people’s experience. According to online parcel delivery service Parcel2Go, this is an ideal opportunity for sellers to really get their points across and make their thoughts known.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “This is one opportunity that should not be missed. Sellers have everything to gain by making their feelings known to eBay and providing constructive feedback that can be used to improve the website and customer service processes.”

The survey has thrown up some potential new services that eBay may be looking to introduce, such as making customer support available though social media channels. The survey also asks sellers how important 24/7 customer support is to them, what their thoughts are on improved email support and how they feel about the possibility of mobile phone support.

Richard added: “eBay recently unveiled its new virtual shopping basket and a Christmas shopping wish list feature is set to be available at the start of next month. These are all things that can help sellers to maximise revenue and hopefully this new survey will help to streamline the selling process and allow eBay sellers to go on and provide a better experience for their customers.”

The team at Parcel2Go is continually looking for new ways to make buying and selling on eBay quicker and easier. Earlier this year the company launched its quick quote shipping tool which sellers can embed in their item pages to allow buyers to access speedy shipping quotes. By providing quick quotes on domestic and international shippingservices, users are provided with the widest possible choice of services and are far likelier to receive a good service.

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Parcel2Go Welcomes Announcement Of Ebay Shopping Basket

Parcel2Go has welcomed the arrival of eBay’s latest innovation, which looks set to be of great benefit to online sellers.

In a bid to make shopping quicker and easier for buyers, the company has designed a shopping basket feature which gives users complete control over the items they’re interested in buying. By clicking on the new ‘add to basket’ button in item listings, rather than the ‘buy it now’ button, products will be stored in the shopping basket.

The idea is to allow users to compare products before they finally decide to buy, to let them pay a number of sellers in one go and pay for items separately if required. The feature will help shoppers to keep track of the goods they’re committed to buying, such as items won in auctions, and allow them to save items for purchase at a later date.

There is good news for sellers too, as it is anticipated that the shopping basket feature will encourage people to buy more products in one go.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go said: “Shopping baskets have become a staple on many e-commerce sites and we believe that eBay’s version will be a major hit with shoppers.

“It will make the site easier to use and help boost sales volumes, which is of course great for sellers.

“eBay has advised sellers to make sure they offer a wide range of domestic and international shipping options to really make the most out of this feature and allow shoppers outside the UK to purchase their goods. We’d echo that sentiment as clearly, offering access to various safe and reliable courier services will have a positive impact on sales.”

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Parcel2Go Steams Into Sunday Times List Of Top UK Tech Firms

Bolton-based online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has been recognised as one of the fastest-growing privately-owned technology companies in the UK.

The company, which helps firms and private individuals to ship packages to addresses in the UK and across the world, entered the 11th annual Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 league table for the first time in position 89.

With annual sales growth of 39.5 per cent over the past three years and sales of£16.9m in the year to March 2011, the company has continued to go from strength to strength, thanks in no small part to the growth of e-commerce.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “This is a fantastic achievement and a real boost for all the staff here at Parcel2Go. Everyone has worked extremely hard over recent years to provide businesses and individuals with a straightforward, first class service that allows them to organise a parcel delivery with the least amount of fuss.

The company was established by Fil Adams-Mercer in 1990 and now employs 46 people at its headquarters in Bolton. Through its website and a dedicated mobile site, Parcel2Go helps over two million people a year organise reliable courier services through the internet.

Richard Mercer added: “The increasing popularity of online shopping and sites such as eBay and Amazon have played a significant part in this success, as sellers look for reliable ways to ship their goods within the UK and abroad. We’ll continue to strive to improve the service we offer and find new and innovative ways to make domestic and international shipping cheaper and easier.”

The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 is compiled in conjunction with Microsoft, Barclays Corporate and accountancy firm BDO.

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New Internationalremovals.co.uk Set to Help International Movers Make Their Journey Much Easier and Care-Free

With the launch of the InternationalRemovals.co.uk, the Excess International Movers Ltd. Website looks set to make international moves and emigrations to popular locations such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA a much less daunting prospect.

Many UK residents have upped sticks and moved overseas either for work, to live near family or for other reasons and the process has often been described as laborious, time consuming and difficult. With the launch of this site though, wherever in the world that customers are looking to move to, they can easily cover every aspect of their move by contacting International Removals in advance to arrange procedures.

As a division of the respected Excess International Movers Ltd, Visitors to the internationalremovals.co.uk website are faced with not only a secure and affordable luggage and possessions shipping service but many other complimentary services that some people may not have considered such as money transfers and even car shipping.

David Elliott, Chairman of Excess International Movers praised the new site launch saying, “With Internationalremovals.co.uk we have aimed to cover absolutely every element of a big move overseas.

“The issue many of the people we’ve spoken to about moving abroad is the amount of additional work and number of companies they need to contact as a part of their move. This is why we have sought to bring it all under one service on the new website”

International removals no longer purely involves shipping suitcases, more people are looking for additional shipping services that can handle furniture, vehicles and even family pets. International Removals has each of these as well as other points to consider such as claiming any tax back from the UK government if you are owed any when you leave.

With over 30 years of experience the Excess International Movers Company is a leading brand when it comes to helping people move abroad, and with the new overseas removals service customers can make their move much more convenient and affordable. Free quotes can be gained by visiting www.internationalremovals.co.uk with attractive rates on many popular services including shipping to USA, overseas removals to Australia and many other destinations.

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Parcel Delivery Specialist Backs New International Selling Options From eBay

The UK’s leading online parcel delivery company has given its backing to a new feature available to individuals and businesses that trade through the online marketplace eBay.

From late August, eBay sellers that specify international delivery costs to the US, Australia or Canada in their listings may be chosen to appear in the standard listings on eBay sites in those countries. Parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go believes this could be the perfect way to encourage more users to dip their toe in the international marketplace.

While an appearance in foreign listings is not guaranteed, those items that do make it will have the potential to reach many millions more customers abroad. Parcel2Go, which helps a large number of individuals and businesses to ship their goods to winning eBay auction bidders, believes the move could prove to be a major boon for companies in the UK that have come to rely on the retail site as a revenue source.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said: “The announcement made in the latest seller newsletter could prove to be a real winner for companies that make a living through the site. Sticking to the domestic market and perhaps sending goods with acourier to London may be preferable for some businesses, but for those with a desire for strong growth, selling internationally has got to be a consideration.

“eBay’s system, which is due to come into force next month may turn out to be a fantastic way of showing companies what is possible when you start thinking bigger.”

Figures released last month by eBay revealed that 45,500 new businesses have set up shop on the site since September 2009. These businesses have gone on to turnover about £350m a year and Parcel2Go believes this figure could be even higher if more firms decide to start exporting.

Richard said: “We’d encourage any individual or business thinking about selling abroad to make the most of the changes taking place at eBay. With the help of a specialist delivery organisation such as Parcel2Go, the process can be simple and this could be kick-start that many small businesses have been looking for following the recession.”

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Parcel2Go Says UK SMEs Should Follow Scottish Whisky Industry And Focus On Exports

British businesses should follow the example set by Scotland’s whisky distillers and make the most of the opportunities offered by overseas markets, according to online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go. The company has called on small and medium-sized firms to take a serious look at expanding overseas and making their products available to a wider audience.

Whisky exports hit £3.45bn in 2010, up 10 per cent on the previous year. Demand for premium whiskies around the world, strong advertising campaigns and quality products have meant that exports have played a major role in the country’s economic recovery following the recession.

Results of a survey released this week show that exports of whisky to countries such as China have also had a considerable impact on UK tourism to the tune of £640m. Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said the example set by even the smallest distilleries in Scotland should be followed by other industries across Britain.

He said: “The success that Scotland’s whisky producers have had in tapping into foreign markets stands as a shining example of what can be achieved if you have a quality product and brand. The fact that even Scotland’s smallest distillery exports its product to 17 countries around the world speaks volumes about what is possible.

“Parcel2Go plays an important part in helping businesses of all sizes with international parcel shipping to addresses in the UK and to destinations all over the world. Our role involves making the logistical aspect of trading with foreign markets as simple as possible, and we’re keen to see as many companies as possible benefitting from the exporting opportunities available.”

The team at Parcel2Go has been helping businesses and individuals organise cheap international shipping to countries around the world for many years, and it’s this expertise that is helping some of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses to break into new markets all over the world.

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Parcel2Go’s New Service from City Link Ensures Quick and Affordable Next Day Deliveries for Business and Personal Customers

The UK Courier service leader Parcel2Go has added City Link’s Standard service, bringing an affordable and comprehensive delivery service starting at just £7.99 + VAT to the parcel delivery specialist’s customers.

A courier service that is familiar to many UK businesses and online shoppers, City Link have become a firm favourite with customers at Parcel2Go.com and the addition of the new Standard delivery service that offers same day parcel collections at an incredibly attractive price has the customer that wants a low cost, high performing parcel delivery solution.

Whether people need to send a parcel to London or anywhere else in the UK then the City Link Standard service is the perfect solution with a quick and reliable home/business collection, parcel tracking throughout the delivery process and confirmation that the delivery has been completed successfully.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go.com commented; “We have added this service to our delivery options based on City Link’s popularity and great reputation with our customers.

“City Link already have their guaranteed next day delivery service available to choose here at Parcel2Go.com but with the City Link Standard service now available our customers can enjoy the reliability and performance of City Link’s delivery service at a great rate, City Link’s cheapest same day collection service to date!”

With free door step collection available when customers order through Parcel2Go’s website customers can get a world class courier service from City Link, who since their inception in 1969 has risen to become one of the UK’s leading premium express delivery solutions for business, handling over 350,000 each night.

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TNT Offers New Parcel Delivery Services Through Parcel2Go

Online parcel delivery service Parcel2Go has revealed that customers now have a range of new options to choose from when they’re looking for a UK courier service.

A wide range of domestic and international delivery services are available through Parcel2Go and the firm has helped a large number of individuals and businesses arrange to have consignments shipped with Dutch international shipping company TNT. Known around the globe as a reliable and secure courier firm, TNT has decided to start offering four additional services through the Parcel2Go website.

For people who need to get consignments to addresses in Britain fast, then TNT’s UK Saturday Express service will be a godsend. The service represents total convenience for recipients as delivery is guaranteed to most of the UK mainland on Saturdays, even if the parcel was only picked up the previous day. The service costs from just £23.99 + VAT.

The other three new TNT services available to Parcel2Go customers are based on guaranteed weekday delivery times to addresses throughout most of the UK mainland. Choose between having packages delivered by 9am, 10am or midday. Prices for these new time-sensitive services start from just £13.99 + VAT.

Richard Mercer, Head of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer these fantastic new services through Parcel2Go. For years our customers have benefitted from delivery options TNT UK has provided.

“These new delivery options will no doubt be welcomed by businesses and private individuals alike who need to get their packages to destinations in the UK before a specific time. TNT has a solid reputation for providing a reliable UK service and Parcel2Go is convinced these new parcel delivery options will match up to the company’s exceptionally high standard.”

All four new services are available to book now through the Parcel2Go website.

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A Streamlined Parcel Delivery System is Key to Growth, says Parcel2Go

Sustained pressure on consumer spending means companies must make customer satisfaction their top priority, according to the UK’s leading online parcel delivery service.

A report released this week by economic think tank Ernst & Young’s Item Club predicts that spending across the UK will only rise by 0.6 per cent this year, and by 1.3 per cent in 2012. The club believes consumer spending will not fully recover to pre-recession levels until 2013, meaning businesses will have to work harder than ever to ensure growth.

Parcel2Go, which helps individuals and companies send packages to destinations across the world, said with everyone feeling the pinch it is more important than ever for businesses to look after their clients. Ensuring the company has a smooth delivery system in place so customers receive their products on time and in the best possible condition is a major part of this.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said: “All businesses need to have faith in their delivery system. In tough economic times this is all the more important as it means they can concentrate on their core business while leaving the job of ensuring customers get their packages on time up to the experts.”

For the past 21 years Parcel2Go has been operating a cost effective collection and delivery service in partnership with some of the world’s leading courier firms such as City Link. It’s vital for businesses to know their shipping system offers value for money and most importantly is reliable, especially when sending consignments to new customers in foreign countries.

Richard said: “The economic situation in the UK also means it is now vital for companies to look to increase their exposure to international markets. The decision to start exporting products, which may involve sending a parcel to Australia for example, can have a profound effect on a business’ bottom line and in uncertain times such as these can help ensure continued growth.”

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