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Fretbay Online Transport Marketplace – Making UK Routes Green And More Environment-Friendly

FretBay (https://fretbay.com) the first FREE European Online transport marketplace, providing reliable cheap transport and logistic solution to individual users and companies declared 2012 as a year that will make United Kingdom routes more environment friendly and clean.

While talking to media FretBay elaborates it’s expansion plans of offering UK transporters with a new online system that will provide real time enhanced route planning facilities helping in optimizing truck capacities.

The system will help transport service providers and couriers in optimizing the partial filled vehicles on a given route. Over 25% of lorries run completely empty of cargo and over 50% run only part-full.

Answering how this will happen, FretBay spokesperson explained that the site offers it’s users to post FREE transport demands as listings.

The transport demand can be for anything to anywhere at anytime .The most common listings are the requests for transport for motorbikes, cars, boats, furniture and house hold stuff, pianos, electrical and machinery equipments, agricultural and industrial machinery, horses and full home or office removals . These transport listings are immediately visible to member transporters and they can offer their transport quotes in real time.

The users are free to accept any transport offer at any time. Users can consult profiles of transporters before accepting thier offers. The profile contains rating and feed back of transporters left my users who did business with them in the past thus helping users to identify reliable transporters. FretBay encourages professional and declared transport service providers on site.

This helps not only in finding cheap shipping solution but helps in reducing deadly gases that are major cause of pollution.

A recent survey conducted by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed 31% of the UK ‘s 3.5 million lorries failed to meet Euro-3 emission standards. Road freight especially is under pressure, in the UK new emission regulations and taxations could see an average transport service company’s operating costs increase dramatically.
The recent environment talks in Durban have underlined the increasing importance placed on reducing climate change. This build up further pressure on road haulage companies to meet environment friendly commitments.

Though it is difficult in the time of crisis for a shift to environment friendly vehicles for most of the transport firms, however, it is still possible to make full use of trucks capacities to avoid unnecessary trips on roads.

FretBay system will play key role in optimising these vehicles by providing real-time grouping opportunities and by providing loads for empty returns. Transport and haulage companies can consult transport demands and loads in real time and can optimize their trips in last minutes.

FretBay is inviting all UK and European transport service providers to take part in this environmental program and. No subscription fee or long term engagement is demanded.

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Parcel2Go Hails Enterprising eBay Couple Whose Footwear Business Is Making Great Strides

Free delivery has been a key to the success of a new business which has turned from a home-based hobby into a full-time online enterprise for a Norfolk couple.

Martin and Monica Lott set up FYFO.co.uk, and now sell footwear through their own website and on eBay from more than 60 top brands – and offering no-cost delivery on all standard orders has helped them hit the ground running since the site was launched at the start of this month.

But according to marketing director of online delivery services agent Parcel2Go.com, Richard Mercer, they are just one of many examples of how getting the right delivery services company on board from the start can give any aspiring business a leg up.

“Millions of British people love selling their unwanted items on eBay, but turning that love into a viable business can be a completely different matter,” he said.

“Keeping a close eye on costs is key in this respect, and that’s where Parcel2Go has helped so many people’s hard work to set up their own thriving company pay off.

“For eBay traders, the cost of sending out their goods can eat up a large chunk of their profits. We aim to make those overheads easier to swallow, by offering them a range of delivery service options suited to both their budgets, and the products they are selling,” Mr Mercer added.

Many people are unaware of the sheer scale of the choice of parcel delivery options they have available when going into supplying goods by post, he pointed out.

“Parcel2Go.com has negotiated special deals with a range of leading carriers, so we can help ambitious business owners find a first-class delivery service that doesn’t cost them the earth,” he said.

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Online Parcel Delivery Firm Says Small Businesses Must Capitalise On Mobile Sales Boom

Britain’s leading online parcel delivery specialist has called on small businesses to take advantage of the boom in sales through smartphones.

Recent research has shown that more and more consumers are prepared to buy products through their mobile phones and are enjoying the freedom that mobile shopping offers. Bolton-based Parcel2Go helps businesses of all sizes organise shipping to countries across the world and suggests that small firms should take a proactive approach when it comes to building an online presence.

People are now using their mobile phones to do so much more, from surfing the internet to using social networking sites. Figures released last week by online research specialist comScore revealed that 13.5 million mobile users across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK accessed mobile retail sites in the three months ending May 2011. In Britain, the number of smartphone users accessing mobile sites has increased by 163 per cent over the past 12 months.

Online retail site eBay expects global mobile sales to hit $4bn by the end of 2011, double the value of goods sold in 2010. The UK market has been one of the fastest adopters of the technology and an increasing number of businesses now find they have to meet eBay parcel delivery requests following purchases made via mobile phones.

Richard Mercer, Director of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “There is little doubt that the retail world is changing rapidly. Smartphones have become commonplace and consumers in the UK have adopted m-commerce technology quicker than many people would have anticipated.

“Parcel2Go launched its own mobile site at http://m.parcel2go.com/ last month. We also partner with a huge variety of UK companies involved in selling their goods online, whether that’s through their own website or through third-party sites such as Amazon and eBay. All firms need to recognise the important role that mobile e-commerce is already playing, and that courier services available through Parcel2Go can play a key part in helping to organise a smooth delivery after a sale has been made.”

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Parcel Delivery Specialist Backs New International Selling Options From eBay

The UK’s leading online parcel delivery company has given its backing to a new feature available to individuals and businesses that trade through the online marketplace eBay.

From late August, eBay sellers that specify international delivery costs to the US, Australia or Canada in their listings may be chosen to appear in the standard listings on eBay sites in those countries. Parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go believes this could be the perfect way to encourage more users to dip their toe in the international marketplace.

While an appearance in foreign listings is not guaranteed, those items that do make it will have the potential to reach many millions more customers abroad. Parcel2Go, which helps a large number of individuals and businesses to ship their goods to winning eBay auction bidders, believes the move could prove to be a major boon for companies in the UK that have come to rely on the retail site as a revenue source.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said: “The announcement made in the latest seller newsletter could prove to be a real winner for companies that make a living through the site. Sticking to the domestic market and perhaps sending goods with acourier to London may be preferable for some businesses, but for those with a desire for strong growth, selling internationally has got to be a consideration.

“eBay’s system, which is due to come into force next month may turn out to be a fantastic way of showing companies what is possible when you start thinking bigger.”

Figures released last month by eBay revealed that 45,500 new businesses have set up shop on the site since September 2009. These businesses have gone on to turnover about £350m a year and Parcel2Go believes this figure could be even higher if more firms decide to start exporting.

Richard said: “We’d encourage any individual or business thinking about selling abroad to make the most of the changes taking place at eBay. With the help of a specialist delivery organisation such as Parcel2Go, the process can be simple and this could be kick-start that many small businesses have been looking for following the recession.”

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eBay Customers Build The UK’s Largest Online Parcel Empire

A company in Bolton, that was created to serve eBay traders, has grown into the biggest online parcel delivery service in the UK.

An online parcel delivery was the brain-child of serial wheeler-dealer Fil Adams-Mercer, who set up Parcel2Go in 2002 primarily to serve eBay traders requiring UK and international courier services.

Mr Adams-Mercer, whose business career began selling bruised fruit, has developed Parcel2Go.com into a £16m a year business with over 600,000 customers.

The key to Parcel2Go’s success has been the heavy investment in a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) system. This has cost £2.5m to create, and a further £30,000 a month “and blood, sweat and tears” to run.

Mr Adams-Mercer has designed the company to take and co-ordinates orders that are then fulfilled by Federal Express, UPS and City Link.

“Other companies chase parcels,” he said. “We chase people who may be delivering parcels in the future.”

He is also growing a niche market in the USA. Most American websites will not deliver goods outside the US because of customs bureaucracy. Mr Adams-Mercer has bought a Miami warehouse which British traders can use as their “address” when buying from American sites. Parcel2Go will then arrange parcel delivery from the US.

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