Parcel Delivery Firm Backs Findings Of Online Shopping Survey

Bolton-based online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has given its backing to a recent internet shopping survey, which found that high delivery charges had led many consumers to abandon purchases.

A survey of 2,000 UK consumers, carried out by ecommerce specialist Econsultancy, found that nearly three-quarters of people (74 per cent) had abandoned an online purchase because they thought the charge for having their product delivered was too high.

Parcel2Go’s marketing director Richard Mercer says this is an issue that all online retailers should be aware of, and work towards addressing.

He said: “The fact that so many consumers have been in the position where they are all ready to go ahead with a purchase, and then have decided to abandon it at the last minute, should certainly start alarm bells ringing with firms. Excessive delivery charges are something that online shoppers are clearly not prepared to put up with.

“Of course the majority of online businesses are not able to go down the same route as the major players such as Amazon and and offer free parcel delivery as standard, but this survey highlights how important it is to get delivery charges right.”

Parcel2Go helps individuals and businesses arrange shipping of more than two million parcels to destinations in the UK and across the world every year. By partnering with some of the leading world courier companies such as FedEx, City Link and Parcelforce, Parcel2Go is able to offer its customers access to a huge range of competitively-priced domestic and international delivery services.

Mr Mercer added: “The internet has made it easier than ever for businesses to organise their parcel deliveries, and so by offering low-cost, reliable courier services with parcel tracking through their site, firms can increase the number of shoppers who complete purchases at the checkout.”

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Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities Thrown-Up By The Tablet Explosion, Urges Parcel2Go

The number of people in the UK who own a tablet computer is rising rapidly, and online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has called on companies of all sizes to make sure they don’t miss out on the wealth of opportunities available.

The market for tablets has been recognised as one that is significant and growing, with new product releases such as Apple’s third generation iPad helping to boost interest in the sector. Apple’s first iPad went on sale just over two years ago, and the company has sold around 55 million of the devices since then.

The latest version, which hit the shops earlier this month, had “a record weekend” according to the company and chief executive Tim Cook, who has said he expects tablets to outsell computers within three years.

Parcel2Go’s marketing director Richard Mercer said the fact that tablet computer ownership is spreading so rapidly, and that research has shown the average tablet owner spends more money shopping online other internet users, means businesses must act.

He said: “The convenience and ease of browsing and shopping using tablet computers has been recognised by consumers, and businesses must recognise the importance of having a strong online presence in order to take advantage of the situation.

“Parcel2Go helps a large number of companies to get their products out to customers with domestic and international parcel delivery firms. We know that customers have come to demand that businesses today not only offer an online shopping experience that is intuitive and enjoyable, but also one that allows them to have access to delivery services that are fast, reliable, inexpensive and will ensure that the product is in their hands in the shortest possible time.”

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Parcel Motels will give Ireland’s online shoppers even more choice, says Parcel2Go

Online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has given its backing to a new initiative by Irish courier firm Nightline which will see automated parcel collection facilities built across the country.

In an effort to make it even easier and more convenient for people to get hold of packages sent via courier, Nightline has announced plans to construct parcel collection points, known as parcel motels, across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Parcel2Go, which works with a selection of the world’s leading courier companies, says the new service will be good news for customers.

According to a report by Post & Parcel, customers waiting for goods to arrive with a courier will be able to choose to have their package delivered to a parcel motel. A simple pin code will be sent to the customer once their package has arrived, allowing them to gain access to the automated locker system and retrieve their consignment.

Parcel2Go’s marketing director Richard Mercer said: “Technology continues to have a profound impact on the parcel delivery industry, and this new initiative from Nightline is a perfect example of how the leading courier companies are constantly working to make their parcel delivery services more convenient and more relevant for customers.

“Online shopping is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, with more and more parcels being sent out to consumers who want cheap international delivery and reliable domestic services. Providing innovative and quicker ways for people to order parcel delivery services, track their packages and access their goods, is key in this rapidly changing market.”

The first parcel motels are set to start appearing in Dublin this June. The plan is for around 100 facilities to be constructed in the city, before the scheme is rolled out further afield.

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SMEs should take advantage of new export fund, says Parcel2Go

Small businesses in the UK should be looking to take advantage of a new £4bn fund designed to get more companies exporting.

HSBC is making the cash available to firms which turnover up to £25m, in the hope of helping them to break into new markets such as China, India and South America. The economic crisis in the eurozone is having a negative effect on UK exports, and leading parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go agrees that businesses need to look to new territories in order to grow and ensure that they remain competitive in the future.

Parcel2Go’s marketing director Richard Mercer, said initiatives such as HSBC’s export fund may help certain companies to get a foot in the door and establish themselves in foreign markets.

He said: “The world has become a much smaller place over the last few decades and now even the smallest sole traders think nothing of shipping goods off to countries such as Colombia and Egypt.

“It’s no secret that thanks to the recession, British businesses now need to work harder than ever to protect their bottom line and exporting can play a major role. Some companies might not require new funding, just the advice and support of specialists such as Parcel2Go that are experienced in the field of international shipping, and can make the logistics of exporting for the first time much simpler.”

Parcel2Go helps businesses and individuals to send more than two million parcels to addresses in the UK and foreign countries every year, and keeps shipping costs down thanks to partnerships with some of the world’s leading courier companies such as FedEx and Parcelforce.

“The process of sending goods abroad to customers on the other side of the world really is extremely simple when you have a professional courier in charge of making your delivery,” said Richard. “We’d urge all companies, regardless of their size, to make the most of the exporting opportunities available.”

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