eBay Sellers Should Make Their Views Known, Says Parcel2Go

Online auction and retail website eBay has recently launched a consultation with its sellers, asking them for their thoughts on how the company should provide customer service in the future, in a bid to improve people’s experience. According to online parcel delivery service Parcel2Go, this is an ideal opportunity for sellers to really get their points across and make their thoughts known.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “This is one opportunity that should not be missed. Sellers have everything to gain by making their feelings known to eBay and providing constructive feedback that can be used to improve the website and customer service processes.”

The survey has thrown up some potential new services that eBay may be looking to introduce, such as making customer support available though social media channels. The survey also asks sellers how important 24/7 customer support is to them, what their thoughts are on improved email support and how they feel about the possibility of mobile phone support.

Richard added: “eBay recently unveiled its new virtual shopping basket and a Christmas shopping wish list feature is set to be available at the start of next month. These are all things that can help sellers to maximise revenue and hopefully this new survey will help to streamline the selling process and allow eBay sellers to go on and provide a better experience for their customers.”

The team at Parcel2Go is continually looking for new ways to make buying and selling on eBay quicker and easier. Earlier this year the company launched its quick quote shipping tool which sellers can embed in their item pages to allow buyers to access speedy shipping quotes. By providing quick quotes on domestic and international shippingservices, users are provided with the widest possible choice of services and are far likelier to receive a good service.

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Parcel2Go Warns Online Christmas Shoppers Not To Cut Corners When It Comes To Deliveries

With a recent survey from HSBC revealing that more than one in ten people plan on making use of online shopping outlets this Christmas, Parcel2Go has urged shoppers to use a trusted courier for deliveries.

The survey also found that despite the state of the economy, people intend on spending just as much on Christmas this year as they have in the past, with an average spend of £560 per person.

Richard Mercer, marketing director of Parcel2Go, said: “In the current financial climate Parcel2Go understands that people want to be able to enjoy Christmas as much as possible, and that means they may end up feeling forced to cut corners elsewhere in order to buy all of the presents, food and other things they need to make the season special.

“As HSBC’s survey shows, many people will be turning towards the internet when buying Christmas presents this year, but when it comes to getting purchases delivered we just want shoppers to be absolutely certain that they are using a reliable delivery method so that their presents arrive on time and in good condition, which all of the couriers that we work with can provide.”

He continued: “We’ve seen it before – shoppers buy Christmas presents from foreign sellers over eBay and other online auction websites and choose a cheaper delivery method, thinking that they’re saving money. They end up having to wait weeks for their items though, whereas if they had chosen a courier, their purchases could have been with them in a matter of days.”

Many different courier services work in conjunction with Bolton-based Parcel2Go, and shoppers buying online can pick between them to get the best value for money on a high-quality delivery service that will save them having to put up with any heartache over the Christmas period.

To find out more about the parcel delivery service offered by Parcel2Go visit the official website now.

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Excess Baggage Company Launches New Airport Services

Excess Baggage, one of the world’s leading baggage shipping companies, has announced the launch of a number of new services at airports across the country.

The specialist shipping firm currently provides services at many of the UK’s major airports such as Heathrow and Gatwick, along with large shopping centres such as Westfield Shopping Centre and major train stations owned by Network Rail and Southern Rail.

In a bid to make better use of the company’s highly trained staff, Excess Baggage has begun offering a range of concierge services at airport arrival and departure locations. In arrivals, customers can now come to Excess Baggage to organise hotel reservations, flower deliveries and tour and taxi bookings. Mobile telephones and SIM cards are now available for purchase from Excess Baggage shops, and staff also offer a duty free shop and ship service

A range of new services have also been made available in departures, including lounge access and information desk services. A range of duty-free options have also been designed, such as online purchasing and duty free fulfilment.

The company currently offers a wide variety of concierge services including luggage storage, domestic and international luggage delivery, lost and found stations and more. Excess Baggage also has its own line of retail outlets selling travel accessories and goods in airport arrival and departure lounges all over the country.

David Elliott, chairman of Excess Baggage, said: “We are very excited about the additional services that we have recently rolled out and are certain that current and prospective clients will find them incredibly useful.

“We are also confident that all of these services will help airports to boost revenue from duty free sales.”

All of the services that Excess Baggage has developed will be available to customers either online or direct from the airport. Any products that are bought through Excess Baggage’s shop and collect service can either be picked up from a convenient location within the airport, or delivered to the airport lounge or any other location in the EU. By offering these services they plan to make shipping to Australia or luggage shipping to any worldwide destination becomes a more convenient task.

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Emirates SkyCargo Transports Its Heaviest Ever Item

Emirates SkyCargo came to the rescue of a ship undergoing repairs when it transported a 36-tonne rudder part – the heaviest single item ever carried by the freight division of Emirates Airline.

The rudder stock, which measured 9.16 metres long and 1.05 metres wide, was required for urgent repairs to a vessel at Dubai Dry Docks.

The part – tailor-made by Korean steel manufacturer Taewoong – would normally be transported by sea, but a quick solution, namely use of an air courier, was required to reduce the cost of the ship being out of service.

In conjunction with Dubai-based charter broker Air Charter International, it was transported on a Boeing 747-400F Emirates freighter from Seoul to Dubai and tested ground-handling operations at both airports to the fullest.

“Transporting a piece of air cargo this heavy requires the highest degree of care and special handling,” said Hiran Perera, Emirates’ Senior Vice President Cargo Planning & Freighters. “Two cranes capable of lifting 50 tonnes each, along with two high loaders were required, while more than 30 workers in both Seoul and Dubai made sure the intricate loading operation went smoothly.

“Precision planning and the combined expertise of everyone involved at Emirates SkyCargo, dnata, Air Charter International and Atlas Air was crucial to this success of this project,” added Perera. “This is testament to our commitment to meeting even the most challenging customer requirements. We are also committed to facilitating international trade, so it is particularly satisfying that we will have contributed to the vessel’s quick return to service.”

“With our client’s needs at the forefront of our efforts, it is crucial to be able to rely on a good partner,” said Ms Claire Brugirard, Commercial Manager at Air Charter International. “We were very pleased with the performance of Emirates SkyCargo in completing this project successfully.”

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Parcel2Go Welcomes Announcement Of Ebay Shopping Basket

Parcel2Go has welcomed the arrival of eBay’s latest innovation, which looks set to be of great benefit to online sellers.

In a bid to make shopping quicker and easier for buyers, the company has designed a shopping basket feature which gives users complete control over the items they’re interested in buying. By clicking on the new ‘add to basket’ button in item listings, rather than the ‘buy it now’ button, products will be stored in the shopping basket.

The idea is to allow users to compare products before they finally decide to buy, to let them pay a number of sellers in one go and pay for items separately if required. The feature will help shoppers to keep track of the goods they’re committed to buying, such as items won in auctions, and allow them to save items for purchase at a later date.

There is good news for sellers too, as it is anticipated that the shopping basket feature will encourage people to buy more products in one go.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go said: “Shopping baskets have become a staple on many e-commerce sites and we believe that eBay’s version will be a major hit with shoppers.

“It will make the site easier to use and help boost sales volumes, which is of course great for sellers.

“eBay has advised sellers to make sure they offer a wide range of domestic and international shipping options to really make the most out of this feature and allow shoppers outside the UK to purchase their goods. We’d echo that sentiment as clearly, offering access to various safe and reliable courier services will have a positive impact on sales.”

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Parcel2Go Applauds North East Exporting Initiative

Bolton-based international parcel delivery expert Parcel2Go has called on businesses in the North East to take advantage of a new scheme designed to help companies export their goods to new markets.

The North East Chamber of Commerce has officially launched NECC Global, two support packages designed to help small, medium and large businesses in the region to increase the volume of goods they export.

Parcel2Go has been helping businesses to send goods to countries all over the world for more than 20 years and now handles in excess of two million parcels every year. Through partnerships with some of the world’s leading courier companies including DHL, FedEx, Parcelforce and City Link,
packages are shipped safely to countries including Tanzania, Finland and Australia.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, said: “Support schemes such as the packages offered by the North East Chamber of Commerce play a major role in helping companies to expand their horizons and break into new markets around the world.

“At Parcel2Go we work with a large number of companies of all sizes, across all industry sectors, and understand how important it is to have the correct partners when you’re involved in shipping internationally. It’s for this reason that Parcel2Go works tirelessly to offer the best shipping rates and an ever increasing range of worldwide shipping options.”

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics last week showed that British companies achieved a record monthly high in August in terms of the value of goods shipped abroad. Goods worth a total of £25.5bn were exported – the highest value since records began in 1998. The UK’s trade deficit narrowed during the month to£7.8bn, down from £8.2bn the previous month and well down on the forecast figure of £8.8bn.

Richard added: “The recent official figures were welcome news and highlight the important role that UK businesses are playing in helping to get the British economy back on track. It is important however, that companies get the right support and Parcel2Go will continue to work tirelessly to provide its customers with a reliable, safe and cost-effective way of exporting goods to destination all over the globe.”

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National Transport, LLC Offers Car Shipping Rates for Your Cross Country Move

Finding affordable car shipping rates has never been easier with National Transport LLC as your car shipping company.

Cocoa Beach, FL- Car Shipping Rates at Prices You Can Afford

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About National Transport, LLC: National Transport, LLC
(www.nationaltransportllc.com) is one of the leading auto transport companies in the United States, providing some of the most affordable car shipping rates in the industry. You can also follow National Transport LLC on Twitter.

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Use A Trusted Courier To Deliver Your iPhone 4, Says Parcel2Go

Following the release of the iPhone 4S, online parcel delivery company Parcel2Go has urged anyone selling old iPhone handsets through eBay to use a trusted courier when shipping to buyers.

Internet auction and retail site eBay has revealed that it expects sales of old iPhone handsets to increase by up to 70 per cent following the release of the new iPhone 4S on October 14. The company saw a similar occurrence last year when the iPhone 4 went on sale, and so eBay bosses are confident in the expected surge.

Courier company Parcel2Go has called on eBay sellers to use a professional courier when posting iPhone 4 handsets sold through the internet.

Parcel2Go marketing director Richard Mercer said: “We expect that many inexperienced sellers will be auctioning their old iPhone 4 handsets on eBay now the iPhone 4S has been released and caution them to be aware of the importance of opting for a reliable courier.

“Sellers should properly address and package their parcels to make sure they arrive at their destination safe and sound. We believe that by using one of the many dependable courier services available they will be able to achieve a smoother delivery and avoid eBay disputes caused by lost or damaged packages.”

The iPhone is one of the bestselling smartphone handsets in the world, with over 18.65 million sold in the three months to March 2011. More and more people are turning towards Apple products and eBay claims over $2 billion worth of sales were made through mobile devices as of January 2011.

When selling anything of value on eBay it is advised that you make use of a secure posting method once a sale has been finalised. Bolton-based Parcel2Go is in partnership with a number of big-name parcel delivery companies and is able to provide collection and delivery services, with delivery to international countries also available.

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Parcel2Go Says Companies Must Take Advantage Of The Tablet Revolution

Parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has stressed the need for British companies to make sure their online presence is geared towards making the most of the growing popularity of tablet computers.

Analysts predict that sales of tablets such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy will explode over the coming years. Research from Gartner suggests growth will be so sharp that by 2015, retailers will ship 60 tablet computers for every 100 PCs sold. Bolton-based Parcel2Go is urging British firms to take note of the way the retail sector is heading and get up to speed with the changes in their customers’ buying methods.

And as more shoppers make purchases online, so the need for companies to have access to a reliable and trustworthy parcel delivery partner has grown. Customers using eBay, Amazon and other retail websites have come to expect immediacy, and by delivering this through use of a low-cost but swift UK courier service, businesses can ensure their customers keep coming back for more.

Richard Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go said: “The way consumers shop is changing rapidly. Not only are more people shopping online, but they’re making purchases through mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

“Recent studies have shown conversion rates to be higher among people using tablets than PCs and laptops, so businesses can’t afford to ignore the need to cater for their specific requirements. Whether a firm creates its own iPad app or optimises its website for smaller screens will depend on the particular business. The thing no company can afford to do however, is stand still.”

Parcel2Go, which became one of the fastest-growing privately-owned technology companies in the UK last month, according to The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 list, now helps individuals and businesses send around two million consignments every year.

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