VAT Ruling Now Makes Halfords Cycle2work Scheme An Even Better Option

Cycle to work is the UK’s fastest growing staff benefit, helping employees to get fitter and healthier by encouraging them to cycle with great tax free savings off bikes and safety equipment, whilst enabling employers to save on National Insurance Contributions and reduce their carbon footprint.

Today’s announcement from HMRC about treatment of VAT for salary sacrifice schemes has removed the final element of uncertainty about exactly how schemes should operate in future.

In response to a recent European Court of Justice judgement, HMRC has confirmed that provision of a benefit via salary sacrifice to employees constitutes a supply of services for consideration and is therefore subject to VAT. This ruling means that from 1st January 2012, employers must charge employees VAT on supply of bikes made available to them under such cycle to work schemes.

At first glance, this suggests that savings available to employees will be materially reduced – but this need not be the case with Halfords cycle2work scheme.

Charles Ashwell, Halfords Cycle2work Corporate Sales Manager said: “The new ruling removes the final element of uncertainty about exactly how cycle schemes should operate going forward, and in so doing, strengthens it further.

“Halfords is the leading authority on the scheme, and we continue to invest in its development and future. We are uniquely placed to maximise savings by working with clients to design schemes which provide superior savings for employees and employers than those available from other scheme providers.”

Halfords cycle2work offers employees the UK’s best C2W savings, and employers the continued peace of mind of offering the UK’s most compliant scheme.

Employers wishing to find out how they can take advantage of the UK’s best Cycle To Work savings should contact Charles on 07720 699950 or

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Parcel2Go Hails Enterprising eBay Couple Whose Footwear Business Is Making Great Strides

Free delivery has been a key to the success of a new business which has turned from a home-based hobby into a full-time online enterprise for a Norfolk couple.

Martin and Monica Lott set up, and now sell footwear through their own website and on eBay from more than 60 top brands – and offering no-cost delivery on all standard orders has helped them hit the ground running since the site was launched at the start of this month.

But according to marketing director of online delivery services agent, Richard Mercer, they are just one of many examples of how getting the right delivery services company on board from the start can give any aspiring business a leg up.

“Millions of British people love selling their unwanted items on eBay, but turning that love into a viable business can be a completely different matter,” he said.

“Keeping a close eye on costs is key in this respect, and that’s where Parcel2Go has helped so many people’s hard work to set up their own thriving company pay off.

“For eBay traders, the cost of sending out their goods can eat up a large chunk of their profits. We aim to make those overheads easier to swallow, by offering them a range of delivery service options suited to both their budgets, and the products they are selling,” Mr Mercer added.

Many people are unaware of the sheer scale of the choice of parcel delivery options they have available when going into supplying goods by post, he pointed out.

“ has negotiated special deals with a range of leading carriers, so we can help ambitious business owners find a first-class delivery service that doesn’t cost them the earth,” he said.

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Online Parcel Delivery Firm Says Small Businesses Must Capitalise On Mobile Sales Boom

Britain’s leading online parcel delivery specialist has called on small businesses to take advantage of the boom in sales through smartphones.

Recent research has shown that more and more consumers are prepared to buy products through their mobile phones and are enjoying the freedom that mobile shopping offers. Bolton-based Parcel2Go helps businesses of all sizes organise shipping to countries across the world and suggests that small firms should take a proactive approach when it comes to building an online presence.

People are now using their mobile phones to do so much more, from surfing the internet to using social networking sites. Figures released last week by online research specialist comScore revealed that 13.5 million mobile users across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK accessed mobile retail sites in the three months ending May 2011. In Britain, the number of smartphone users accessing mobile sites has increased by 163 per cent over the past 12 months.

Online retail site eBay expects global mobile sales to hit $4bn by the end of 2011, double the value of goods sold in 2010. The UK market has been one of the fastest adopters of the technology and an increasing number of businesses now find they have to meet eBay parcel delivery requests following purchases made via mobile phones.

Richard Mercer, Director of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “There is little doubt that the retail world is changing rapidly. Smartphones have become commonplace and consumers in the UK have adopted m-commerce technology quicker than many people would have anticipated.

“Parcel2Go launched its own mobile site at last month. We also partner with a huge variety of UK companies involved in selling their goods online, whether that’s through their own website or through third-party sites such as Amazon and eBay. All firms need to recognise the important role that mobile e-commerce is already playing, and that courier services available through Parcel2Go can play a key part in helping to organise a smooth delivery after a sale has been made.”

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Parcel2Go Joins The Blogosphere With Launch Of New Site

The UK’s largest online parcel delivery service Parcel2Go has launched its very own blog to help people stay up-to-date on everything from changes involving eBay and Amazon to the very latest hints and tips for sending goods abroad with an international shipping courier.

Parcel2Go has been bringing its customers breaking news relating to the big players in the online retail and parcel delivery sectors for a number of years. The new blog, available at has been designed to offer yet another valuable resource to individuals and businesses as well as a place where people can find more light-hearted news, banter, hint and tips and debates.

The blog will be updated on a daily basis, and the moderation team will be around to approve new comments throughout the day.

Richard Mercer, Director of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “We’re really excited about the opportunities that our new blog will present. The team at Parcel2Go has been using social media to keep in touch with customers, offer advice and solve problems for a while, but this is the first time that we have run a daily blog.

“We hope that customers old and new will find posts on there that appeal, and we’re asking people to make full use of the comment facilities available. Blog posts aren’t a one way conversation, we want to get people involved – talking to us and each other about the issues and stories that are affecting them.”

Like Parcel2Go’s new dedicated mobile website that launched the other week at, the blog can be accessed through mobile devices and smartphones, which will allow people to keep up-to-date on all the latest discussions and take part in conversations while they’re on the move.

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