Hike Metal Announces HIKE30 Series Commercial Patrol Workboat 2011 Expansion Line

Hike Metal, the Preferred Custom Commercial Workboat supplier to the Police, Sheriff and law Enforcement Departments around the world, has announced their 2011 HIKE30 Series Commercial Workboat line expansion. Our HIKE30 Series Workboats are known as the “Workhorse” of the Commercial Boatbuilding Industry “Heavy Duty Workboats”. For 2011, Hike Metal has expanded the HIKE30 Series in 2 ft increments out to 38 ft, and every one of our 30 Series Workboats comes with our 10 year written warranty. We maintain the flexibility to customize to desired lengths.

The different working environments of the variety of law Enforcement Agencies around the world require flexibility in length, and we launched our 2011 HIKE30 Series to meet their demand. Our 25 plus years of time tested and proven precision engineering and production processes for the manufacture of our HIKE30 Series allowed us to standardize our 2 ft increment extended builds. There is quite a difference when you compare the vast patrol, search and rescue conditions in the Florida Keys or along the coasts of the Caribbean and South America to that of the rivers, lakes, bays and harbors of the world, and we know, because we deliver to them all.

Our streamlined and proven Hike Hull with its 18 degree modified V, precision engineered reverse chines, Lift Strakes and its low coefficient of drag is standard on all HIKE30 Series. We manufacture one of the most agile Workboats in the industry, and our precisely engineered Hike combination brings theHIKE30 Series 30 – 38’s up on plane and up to top speeds quickly, just like a Quarter Horse, and in a variety of sea, lake, river and harbor conditions.

The HIKE30 Series 10 year warranty is the Commercial Workboat standard for Hike, and our patented and proven “Harmonic Vibratory Stress Relief Process”; a process performed during the structural welding, that minimizes the inherent weld distortion, cracking and residual hull stress found in conventional boat and shipbuilding manufacturing processes. Our patented process consistently delivers extended service life. Every weld is performed by our highly skilled welders, who are all Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certified.

Our Hike Metal ship and boatbuilding factory manufactures a variety of Workboats outside of the Law Enforcement Industry, which bolster our over-all Custom Commercial Boatbuilding performance. We are also a preferred supplier to the Fire Departments around the world for their Fire-Boats, like the heavy duty 90′ NFPA Type III Fire-Boat recently delivered to the Chicago Fire Department (CFD), and the 90 ft Custom Class “A” Fire-Boat delivered to the Baltimore City Fire Department. We build many types ofCustom Commercial Work-Boats, such as “Self-Righting” Search and Rescue Boats (SAR) and Hovercraft for the Coast Guard and Custom Jet Boats like the 49” RIB delivered to the Blue Heron Company this July 4 th weekend for their Toberbory and Flower Pot Island tours, they even christened it the “Flower Pot Express”.The Hike Team takes pride in every boat, ship and vessel we build and deliver,and we’re proud to expand our rugged HIKE30 Series work boats to meet the demands of the Law Enforcement Agencies who protect and preserve our water ways around the world, and we provide every bit of personal safety and protection for them in every Workboat we deliver.

Hike Metal specializes in unique and complex high quality projects ranging from Coast Guard self–righting SAR’s, Vessels and Hovercraft, Fire and Police Department Fire Boats and Patrol Boats, Car and Passenger Ferries, Tug, Tow and Pilot Boats, RIB Boats, Fishing, Diving and Research ships. We are Master Ship and Boat builders.

Our modern waterfront shipyard and factory is strategically located on the North shores of Lake Erie, facilitating the complete construction of vessels up to 100 ft under climate controlled cover while enabling a full program of sea trials prior to delivery. Hike has delivered many turn-key custom commercial steel and aluminum boats and ships to governments, municipalities and private sectors around the world, including the USA, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Middle East.

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New Internationalremovals.co.uk Set to Help International Movers Make Their Journey Much Easier and Care-Free

With the launch of the InternationalRemovals.co.uk, the Excess International Movers Ltd. Website looks set to make international moves and emigrations to popular locations such as Australia, New Zealand and the USA a much less daunting prospect.

Many UK residents have upped sticks and moved overseas either for work, to live near family or for other reasons and the process has often been described as laborious, time consuming and difficult. With the launch of this site though, wherever in the world that customers are looking to move to, they can easily cover every aspect of their move by contacting International Removals in advance to arrange procedures.

As a division of the respected Excess International Movers Ltd, Visitors to the internationalremovals.co.uk website are faced with not only a secure and affordable luggage and possessions shipping service but many other complimentary services that some people may not have considered such as money transfers and even car shipping.

David Elliott, Chairman of Excess International Movers praised the new site launch saying, “With Internationalremovals.co.uk we have aimed to cover absolutely every element of a big move overseas.

“The issue many of the people we’ve spoken to about moving abroad is the amount of additional work and number of companies they need to contact as a part of their move. This is why we have sought to bring it all under one service on the new website”

International removals no longer purely involves shipping suitcases, more people are looking for additional shipping services that can handle furniture, vehicles and even family pets. International Removals has each of these as well as other points to consider such as claiming any tax back from the UK government if you are owed any when you leave.

With over 30 years of experience the Excess International Movers Company is a leading brand when it comes to helping people move abroad, and with the new overseas removals service customers can make their move much more convenient and affordable. Free quotes can be gained by visiting www.internationalremovals.co.uk with attractive rates on many popular services including shipping to USA, overseas removals to Australia and many other destinations.

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Parcel2Go Makes International Parcel Delivery Easy With Launch Of Mobile Site

Online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has announced the launch of its new dedicated mobile website.

Available at m.parcel2go.com the site allows customers easy access to the main services offered through Parcel2Go’s regular website. Within a few screens it is possible to get a quick quote, send a parcel, and track an existing order.

The spread of fast 3G internet across the UK has led to an increasing number of people using mobiles while they are out and about. Higher speeds mean it is now realistic to browse the internet, download music and shop online while away from home.

Mobile commerce is growing at an incredible pace. Research carried out by eBay in May suggested that goods and services bought through mobile handsets could reach £19bn by 2021. Amazon and eBay have launched dedicated mobile apps and the success of these has helped lead to an increase in the number of people who also need to organise parcel delivery while on the move. With Parcel2Go’s new mobile site, finding a reliable courier quickly has become a reality.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said: “The feedback we received from our customers was that mobile working has become increasingly important to them. Although the main Parcel2Go website can be accessed through mobile phones, we wanted to provide a simpler and quicker way for our customers to access the services they require on a daily basis, while using a small mobile screen.

“We’re really excited about the potential of the new Parcel2Go mobile site. The feedback received so far is that people are finding it fast and easy to navigate. Our whole aim is to make the process of finding courier services and sending parcels with domestic and international parcel delivery companies as simple as possible. I think with the clear design and straightforward layout of the dedicated mobile site we’ve managed to achieve just that.”

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Parcel Delivery Specialist Backs New International Selling Options From eBay

The UK’s leading online parcel delivery company has given its backing to a new feature available to individuals and businesses that trade through the online marketplace eBay.

From late August, eBay sellers that specify international delivery costs to the US, Australia or Canada in their listings may be chosen to appear in the standard listings on eBay sites in those countries. Parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go believes this could be the perfect way to encourage more users to dip their toe in the international marketplace.

While an appearance in foreign listings is not guaranteed, those items that do make it will have the potential to reach many millions more customers abroad. Parcel2Go, which helps a large number of individuals and businesses to ship their goods to winning eBay auction bidders, believes the move could prove to be a major boon for companies in the UK that have come to rely on the retail site as a revenue source.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said: “The announcement made in the latest seller newsletter could prove to be a real winner for companies that make a living through the site. Sticking to the domestic market and perhaps sending goods with acourier to London may be preferable for some businesses, but for those with a desire for strong growth, selling internationally has got to be a consideration.

“eBay’s system, which is due to come into force next month may turn out to be a fantastic way of showing companies what is possible when you start thinking bigger.”

Figures released last month by eBay revealed that 45,500 new businesses have set up shop on the site since September 2009. These businesses have gone on to turnover about £350m a year and Parcel2Go believes this figure could be even higher if more firms decide to start exporting.

Richard said: “We’d encourage any individual or business thinking about selling abroad to make the most of the changes taking place at eBay. With the help of a specialist delivery organisation such as Parcel2Go, the process can be simple and this could be kick-start that many small businesses have been looking for following the recession.”

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Parcel2Go Says UK SMEs Should Follow Scottish Whisky Industry And Focus On Exports

British businesses should follow the example set by Scotland’s whisky distillers and make the most of the opportunities offered by overseas markets, according to online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go. The company has called on small and medium-sized firms to take a serious look at expanding overseas and making their products available to a wider audience.

Whisky exports hit £3.45bn in 2010, up 10 per cent on the previous year. Demand for premium whiskies around the world, strong advertising campaigns and quality products have meant that exports have played a major role in the country’s economic recovery following the recession.

Results of a survey released this week show that exports of whisky to countries such as China have also had a considerable impact on UK tourism to the tune of £640m. Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said the example set by even the smallest distilleries in Scotland should be followed by other industries across Britain.

He said: “The success that Scotland’s whisky producers have had in tapping into foreign markets stands as a shining example of what can be achieved if you have a quality product and brand. The fact that even Scotland’s smallest distillery exports its product to 17 countries around the world speaks volumes about what is possible.

“Parcel2Go plays an important part in helping businesses of all sizes with international parcel shipping to addresses in the UK and to destinations all over the world. Our role involves making the logistical aspect of trading with foreign markets as simple as possible, and we’re keen to see as many companies as possible benefitting from the exporting opportunities available.”

The team at Parcel2Go has been helping businesses and individuals organise cheap international shipping to countries around the world for many years, and it’s this expertise that is helping some of the UK’s fastest-growing businesses to break into new markets all over the world.

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FedEx helps Parcel2Go customers reduce their carbon footprint

FedEx parcel deliveries booked through the Parcel2Go website are about to get a whole lot greener thanks to a new initiative launched this week by the world courier firm.

Parcel2Go has been helping businesses and individuals in the UK to make international parcel deliveries abroad using FedEx’s World Economy and FexEx’s World Express services for years. And the good news is that shipping important consignments to the States and elsewhere just became an awful lot better for the environment.

The Memphis-based company has announced plans to add thousands of fuel-efficient vehicles to its fleet, while at the same time investing in more electric-powered vans. Over the next two months FedEx Express will more than double its fleet of electric vehicles, with 43 vans delivering parcels to major cities including Chicago, New York, London and Paris.

In addition, FedEx will complete upgrades to thousands of its conventional vehicles to make them more fuel efficient so they produce less emissions and are cheaper to run.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go said: Parcel shipping companies across the world are looking at ways to improve their carbon footprint and place more reliance on renewable fuels and we applaud FedEx for announcing this initiative.

“When it comes to delivering packages to another country there are always going to be environmental issues to consider. We understand that Parcel2Go’s customers are looking for services that will have the smallest impact on the planet as possible, which is why we are proud to offer services from FedEx.”

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ParcelsPlease launches New Imports service

ParcelsPlease, a logistic supermarket specialising in pallets, freight, and third and fourth party logistics, has launched a new ‘Imports’ service that makes it even easier for their customers to send parcels.

ParcelsPlease recently announced the arrival of their ‘Imports’ service, which enables customers to collect parcels in Europe or further afield, and have them delivered to the UK.

Much like other ParcelsPlease delivery services, the new imports service offers ParcelPlease’s customers a variety of valuable benefits. Thanks to this new service, customers can now track their parcels through every step of the delivery process, and they can also utilise the company’s new website feature, ‘Time in Transit’. Customers can, of course, choose the right shipping option for them based on their time frame and other requirements such as cost. Once they’ve placed their order, they’ll be told roughly when to check the ParcelsPlease website to not only track their parcel’s progress, but also view what time was delivered to its destination. Finally, customers can also easily arrange with ParcelsPlease to have an alternative person greet and collect their parcels if need be, and ParcelsPlease will automatically send out some of their customer parcel labels to the individual at the collection address, which makes the whole process so much easier for the person that matters: the customer.

Alongside their new imports service, their existing and highly efficient parcel services, and their reliable mail delivery across the globe – ParcelsPlease have managed to maintain their incredible eco-friendly status, having achieved carbon neutral footprint certification from the prominent Global Trees organisation. Consolidated Carriers Ltd, the owner of ParcelsPlease were the first UK logistics company to be awarded a carbon neutral footprint, so customers can send their parcels and packages guilt-free, feeling safe in the knowledge that ParcelsPlease are working hard to ensure that their business doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment. As well as the new ‘imports’ service, and the existing delivery services. the company also offers its customers some of the most competitive online quotes for Next Day timed deliveries, European Parcel Deliveries, and International Air Parcel services.

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