TNT Offers New Parcel Delivery Services Through Parcel2Go

Online parcel delivery service Parcel2Go has revealed that customers now have a range of new options to choose from when they’re looking for a UK courier service.

A wide range of domestic and international delivery services are available through Parcel2Go and the firm has helped a large number of individuals and businesses arrange to have consignments shipped with Dutch international shipping company TNT. Known around the globe as a reliable and secure courier firm, TNT has decided to start offering four additional services through the Parcel2Go website.

For people who need to get consignments to addresses in Britain fast, then TNT’s UK Saturday Express service will be a godsend. The service represents total convenience for recipients as delivery is guaranteed to most of the UK mainland on Saturdays, even if the parcel was only picked up the previous day. The service costs from just £23.99 + VAT.

The other three new TNT services available to Parcel2Go customers are based on guaranteed weekday delivery times to addresses throughout most of the UK mainland. Choose between having packages delivered by 9am, 10am or midday. Prices for these new time-sensitive services start from just £13.99 + VAT.

Richard Mercer, Head of Marketing at Parcel2Go, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer these fantastic new services through Parcel2Go. For years our customers have benefitted from delivery options TNT UK has provided.

“These new delivery options will no doubt be welcomed by businesses and private individuals alike who need to get their packages to destinations in the UK before a specific time. TNT has a solid reputation for providing a reliable UK service and Parcel2Go is convinced these new parcel delivery options will match up to the company’s exceptionally high standard.”

All four new services are available to book now through the Parcel2Go website.

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A Streamlined Parcel Delivery System is Key to Growth, says Parcel2Go

Sustained pressure on consumer spending means companies must make customer satisfaction their top priority, according to the UK’s leading online parcel delivery service.

A report released this week by economic think tank Ernst & Young’s Item Club predicts that spending across the UK will only rise by 0.6 per cent this year, and by 1.3 per cent in 2012. The club believes consumer spending will not fully recover to pre-recession levels until 2013, meaning businesses will have to work harder than ever to ensure growth.

Parcel2Go, which helps individuals and companies send packages to destinations across the world, said with everyone feeling the pinch it is more important than ever for businesses to look after their clients. Ensuring the company has a smooth delivery system in place so customers receive their products on time and in the best possible condition is a major part of this.

Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, said: “All businesses need to have faith in their delivery system. In tough economic times this is all the more important as it means they can concentrate on their core business while leaving the job of ensuring customers get their packages on time up to the experts.”

For the past 21 years Parcel2Go has been operating a cost effective collection and delivery service in partnership with some of the world’s leading courier firms such as City Link. It’s vital for businesses to know their shipping system offers value for money and most importantly is reliable, especially when sending consignments to new customers in foreign countries.

Richard said: “The economic situation in the UK also means it is now vital for companies to look to increase their exposure to international markets. The decision to start exporting products, which may involve sending a parcel to Australia for example, can have a profound effect on a business’ bottom line and in uncertain times such as these can help ensure continued growth.”

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Popular Shopping Service Cloakroom Co. Enters Online Arena

London ‘shop and drop’ sensation Cloakroom Co. has launched a new website to help its growing customer base learn more about its baggage storage and cloakroom services.

The ingenious company, based at Westfield shopping centre in White City, has experienced incredible demand for its secure shopping storage options since launching in January.

New website has already proved to be a hit, with shoppers flocking to find out how to enjoy a lighter, hassle-free trip to their favourite stores.

Instead of carting around your previous purchases all day – resulting in sore arms and short tempers – for a small fee you can leave your excess baggage with the experienced professionals at Cloakroom Co. while you enjoy your day.

It also avoids the risk of unaccompanied baggage, as it is easy to put down bags and forget about them while you examine electronic products or try on new outfits.

As part of leading luggage shipping business Excess Baggage Company, which was established in 1983 and delivers a wide range of services at major airports such as London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester, the team behind Cloakroom Co. has reassuringly strong experience in handling and storing people’s treasured possessions.

David Elliot Chairman of Excess Baggage, said: “In tune with our stress-relieving practical services, our online presence is very accessible and gives you all the information you need quickly and clearly.

“It features full details of our luggage storage options and also further explains our delivery service, which arranges for shopping or general luggage to be shipped directly to a shopper’s home or hotel, to avoid an inconvenient struggle on the Tube or bus.”

Excess Baggage Company’s lost property and lost and found services are provided to a number of operators including Gatwick Airport Ltd, Manchester Airport Group, Network Rail and Southern Rail. Additional options include luggage shipping, left baggage and retail travel baggage.

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Parcel2Go Welcomes Government Support for Exporters

Online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has given its backing to a new government plan announced this week to help businesses break into new international markets. UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has joined with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to draw up a five-year Charter for Business.

The aim is for UKTI to become “more entrepreneurial” and find new ways to help British businesses to enter foreign markets and increase the volume of goods being exported from the UK. Richard Mercer, Marketing Director at Parcel2Go, welcomed the move which he believes has the potential to make a big difference to the number of UK companies that take the plunge and attempt to break into foreign markets.

Bolton-based Parcel2Go has been helping individuals and companies to export products for years, by providing easy access to reliable courier services that deal with international delivery shipments on a daily basis.

Richard said: “Small businesses that send their products to countries all over the world are set to continue to play a key role in helping to get the British economy back on track.

“The team at Parcel2Go deal with a wide variety of businesses, some that have been exporting goods to foreign countries for years and others that are just taking their first tentative steps. Knowing there is help available is hugely reassuring for firms, and that advice can potentially mean the difference between success and failure.”

The government has said that following the release of its Charter for Business it will start to look in more detail at how it works with businesses, especially small and medium-sized companies, and then decide on what action will be most effective.

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RPM Auto Sales USA Impresses Used Car Buyers with Quality Inventory and Customer Service in Bayville

RPM Auto Sales USA located at 980 Route 9 in Bayville has grown it’s business into one of the largest used car and truck dealers in Ocean County by exceeding their customer’s expectations. RPM only inventories the highest quality of used cars and trucks so that customers who visit the Rpm 6 acre facility want to buy their vehicles hence, there is never any pressure to buy from their friendly staff.

RPM Autos has used vehicle buyers that have over 100 years of used car experience that purchase clean vehicles for RPM’s customers with clean
Carfaxes. Rpm has finance reps on location to get all loans approved for their clients on the spot with rates as low as 3.9%. Please call Rpm Auto Sales Usa at 800.622.7079 for more info or visit their website at

RPM Auto Sales… Your Friends in The Business!

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Rising Oil Prices Could See The Cost Of Air Courier Services Rocket, Say Parcel Courier Service

The fluctuating cost of oil is nothing new but a recent surge in price has caused a knock-on effect which has – so far – been felt most prominently in the aviation industry.

While Shell shareholders celebrated a 41 percent rise in first quarter profits, airlines such as Delta Airlines and US Continental Holdings responded to the rocketing price of oil by adding $420 of fuel surcharges on flights to and from the U.S and Europe.

Now Troon-based courier service, Parcels Please is urging money-savvy consumers to save by opting for land-based courier companies as opposed to stomaching the added cost of sending parcels by air.

A spokesperson for the company explained:

“Fuel surcharges have a knock-on impact to the cost of tickets as well as the cost of sending mail and parcels via air.

“Surcharges are at least 50% higher than they were three years ago so we can expect the cost of air-based courier services to rise in accordance with this.

“What’s more, while some may argue that fuel surcharges are just another way for airlines to make money, as long as these companies can prove it is a reimbursement of costs then consumers just have to live with the price hike.”

While the rising cost of crude oil has also seen a hike in the price at the petrol pumps, the jump has certainly not been as severe with the average cost of a litre of fuel rising by between 10 – 20p.

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