Launching Offer: Ten Years Movers Registration And Three Years Moving Quotations For A One Time Fee

Moverworldwide the international movers directory has just launched the new updated version of its website with advanced features. Company General Manager Mr. Thomas M C has proudly announced the launching offer for all movers worldwide.

He stated, “We are proudly announcing our new launching offer for all international movers and moving companies who register as new members in our movers directory will avail ten years registration with a bold listing and logo on the directory and in addition to this they can have access to the details of all moving quotations from their country on the leads board requested by international moving customers, for three years. All at a one time fee compared to payment for every lead on other moving quotation generating sites.” The movers can avail this golden opportunity by simply registering with moverworldwide by filling in the details and depositing the one time fee to get their moving companies listed with this most reliable international movers directory and start taking the benefits from this package immediately.

The movers will get a bold listing upon availing this launching offer. In bold listing, they will be visible to moving customers with the company logo as well as a link pointing back to their own website. The benefits don’t just end here; the movers would also have immediate access to the lead board for three years, just login and collect contact details of moving quotations listing.

According to Mr. Abraham Antony,Director of Raffles Movers International; “The launching offer is a great opportunity for all movers and the fee for registration is nominal as compared to the benefits offered by

Moverworldwide Sales Manager affirms; “We at moversworldwide are committed to provide excellent services to both the international movers’ and moving customers requesting for quotes, with our utmost efforts and continuous development.”

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ISILaunch & Spaceflight to Provide Global Spaceflight Services for Small Payloads

Spaceflight Services (Spaceflight) and Innovative Space Logistics BV (ISILaunch) announced today that they have teamed to create a global spaceflight services provider for small and secondary payloads.

Spaceflight and ISILaunch currently offer spaceflight services on a variety of orbital and suborbital vehicles for small and secondary payloads, with operations centered in the United States (US) and Europe respectively. Under this joint marketing agreement Spaceflight and ISILaunch will provide a global spaceflight service for the launch of small and secondary payloads by jointly marketing a combined set of products and services to prospective customers.

Spaceflight will be the lead organization for integrating prospective orbital and suborbital payloads flying on US launch vehicles and suborbital platforms. In addition, Spaceflight will be the primary interface for US companies that want to fly on non-US launch vehicles.

ISILaunch will be the lead organization for integrating prospective orbital and suborbital payloads flying on non-US launch vehicles and suborbital platforms, as well as be the primary interface for non-US customers that want to fly on US vehicles.

Jason Andrews, President and CEO of Spaceflight Services, said, “We are very pleased to team with ISILaunch Services and provide a global service offering. They are a demonstrated leader having contracted more than ten payloads in the past years and successfully launched four satellites in 2009.”

Abe Bonnema, Managing Director of ISILaunch Services, said, “By joining forces with SpaceFlight Spaceflight Services we have created the unique opportunity to connect the dots between the different customers and flight opportunities worldwide.”

Spaceflight and ISILaunch are currently offering orbital flight opportunities to Low Earth Orbit starting in 2011 and flight opportunities to Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit and Low Lunar Orbit in 2014. For a full list of pricing for CubeSats, NanoSats, MicroSats and ESPA spacecraft, please visit Spaceflight Services at or ISILaunch at

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Riviera Jet And Helicopter Charter Service

HeliRiviera, the helicopter and jet charter company based at Cannes Airport on the French Riviera, has expanded to provide local helicopter and international private jet charter. The company also offers a range of flight support services, including air management for private villas and super yachts.

helirivieraimage.jpg (232×357)

Cannes airport offers landing facilities for medium-sized private jets. Larger aircraft land at Nice airport, which is only 10 minutes away by helicopter. HeliRiviera provide an integrated jet and helicopter service for clients who want to mix jet and helicopter operations between Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez, Monaco, Monte Carlo and other destinations on the French Riviera.

Catherine Pardini, managing director at HeliRiviera says: “Our heli adventure and jet charter service is very flexible. Our team can organize anything from a heli-ski or heli-dining trip from Monaco to Courcheval or Isola 2000 for a day’s skiing and lunch, right through to hiring CJ2, Learjet 45, Citation Mustang, Global Express or other executive jets for European and international travel.”

Pardini continues: “HeliRiviera was founded in 2000 to give the owners of super yachts and private villa estates on the Cote d’Azur a helicopter management program. HeliRiviera provides expert consulting services on creating helipads for yachts and villas. We also have private hangar space at Cannes airport. Now we are working with executive jet charter partners world wide to provide a total flight management service.”

More information is available at, or by email to, or by phone on France +33 (0)493 90 53 00.

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