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Parcel Delivery Firm Parcel2Go Rolls Out Model To Spain

Online courier service Parcel2Go is to launch in Spain following a successful trial in Ireland, proving the business model can be replicated outside the UK.

Richard Adams-Mercer, marketing director at Parcel2Go, tells that the company will be operating in Spain by the end of the year. International deliveries will be managed by FedEx, while a deal has been signed with Barcelona-based SEUR to run domestic distribution.

The venture into Spain follows the company working successfully for eight months in Ireland with Dublin-based parcel carrier Nightline.

“We wanted to see whether the Parcel2Go model could work outside of Britain, so selected Ireland for our trial. It has been an immense success and in such a short space of time we estimate we are already handling 20% of all Ireland’s C2C parcels, and take up of the service has increased five fold, with at least 250 customers using the site monthly,” says Adams-Mercer.

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Nightline To Enter The Home-Delivery Sector

After reaping rewards from a relationship with Parcels2Go in Ireland, parcel carrier Nightline is launching a home delivery service to cater for the e-commerce sector and boost the firm’s presence in the B2C market.

Nightline chief executive John Tuohy tells MT: “We specialise in B2B bespoke time-critical deliveries. While this business is strong, representing 80% of operations, we don’t see that market share increasing much in this climate. However, B2C is an area continually expanding and we want to capitalise on that.”

The company has seen an influx of C2C volumes since securing a partnership to handle all domestic deliveries with courier website Parcels2Go for its first venture in Ireland.

Parcel2Go marketing director Richard Adams-Mercer says: “There was a gap in the market when DHL Express pulled out from the majority of its Irish parcel delivery operations in 2009. As a fast-moving company with strong presence in the country, Nightline seemed the fitting choice to take advantage of these new-found volumes. “Working with Nightline, we believe we’ve captured 20% of C2C movements in Ireland.”

As a result, Nightline UK MD Geremy Ruffin estimates the venture has been adding £4,000 to weekly turnover. In preparation for more home deliveries, the firm has teamed up with delivery software company Metapack to provide home-delivery customers with emails and text messages for parcel tracking. The technology will run alongside Nightline’s SmartShip system, which offers real-time accuracy and has helped the company win several clients, Tuohy says.

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Ebay Millionaire Sets His Sights On A Billion Pound Company

David Jason look-a-like Fil Adams-Mercer left school at 15 and began his working life selling bruised fruit on a market stall before founding Parcel2Go – the UK’s largest online parcel company – largely to serve Ebay traders.

“The parcel market in the UK alone is worth £4.5 billion and we would eventually hope to have a £1.5 billion share of this,” said Mr Adams-Mercer.

Parcel2Go has witnessed 90% growth through the last twelve months of recession and the company currently turns over £17 million.

Parcel2Go are negotiating franchises in France and Spain and through their sister company, Headland Freight Services Ltd, are providing small traders with a new, cost effective way to ship from the Far East. Mr Adams-Mercer has also added a Miami warehouse to his shipping empire.

“Most American websites will not deliver goods outside the US because of customs bureaucracy,” he explains. “British traders can use our Miami warehouse as their “address” when buying from American sites and we will arrange worldwide delivery on from there.”

The key to Parcel2Go’s success has been the heavy investment in a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) system. This has cost £2.5m to create, and a further £30,000 a month “and blood, sweat and tears” to run.

“Other companies chase parcels,” said Mr Adams-Mercer. “We chase people who may be delivering parcels in the future.”

Parcel2Go takes and co-ordinates orders online that are then fulfilled by Federal Express, UPS and City Link.

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