Moving Scams in Los Angeles on the Rise

Not everyone moving to Los Angeles is very excited about it, because many people moving to LA have been victimized by the fraudulent LA moving companies. In the recent months, there have been several reports of cases related to moving scams in Los Angeles, which is cause of serious concern for people moving to the City of Angels.

The low cost of entry into the moving business and lack of proper regulation to control the activity of movers are the reasons behind the rise in moving scams in Los Angeles. Since 1995, the industry is operating in the absence of any proper regulation, which has provided scammers almost a free rein. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for the interstate movers, but it is severely understaffed which has left them with no resources to focus on individual cases. This has led to tripling of moving scam cases in the last one decade.

The slowdown-stricken online deal hunters are the prime target for the moving scammers. The scammers begin in a very friendly manner and offer the most affordable and even unrealistic price. They do everything in their capacity to convince a customer about the quality of their services and responsiveness of their support teams, and once the customer’s goods are loaded on to the truck this façade melts down showing the real behind-the-scene story. By then, it is too late for the customer.

“Every day we get calls from people in panic because the moving services they hired literally dropped them, as customers, just days before their planned move date”, said Richard Brooks, Director of LA Pro Movers. “Quite often, we also hear the horror stories of bait and switch pricing where the moving service refuses to unload their customer’s belongings from the moving truck until a hiked up additional fee is paid to the moving company. This practice is all too common.”

Via EPR Network
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