Quadstone Paramics Now Provides Integrated Support For Google’s Popular 3D Modelling Tool, SketchUp

Quadstone Paramics now provides integrated support for Google’s popular 3D modelling tool, SketchUp, bridging the gap between transport engineer and 3D modeller. Google’s 3D Warehouse contains thousands of both in house and third party developed SketchUp models which transport engineers can now utilise to create detailed visualisations of a given road network.

Quadstone Paramics’ focus on 3D graphics in traffic and pedestrian microsimulation means a further increase in model detail, aiding model building and helping to effectively communicate model results to non technical audiences.

Ewan Speirs, Technical Director at Quadstone Paramics, “Google SketchUp Integration is a fantastic addition to the Paramics tools bringing powerful 3D visualisation to the everyday user, no specialist skills are required. For over 10 years Paramics has been at the forefront of 3D visualisation for urban planning and traffic engineering, integrating with Google SketchUp allows our users to drive more value from the complex simulation models they build”.

Since launching the UAF (Pedestrian Simulation Software) in 2008 the team at Paramics have seen extensive market pull as government agencies of all sizes look to promote pedestrians as a more attractive means of transportation with many high-profile authorities around the world showing an interest in the software and many new projects underway.

The crowd modelling capabilities of UAF make it an ideal tool for evaluating both existing areas and new proposed developments, such as retail space, sports stadiums and public transport terminals, it is also especially useful for evacuation studies.

More information can be found on their Pedestrian Simulation website at www.pedestrian-simulation.com

About Quadstone Paramics
Quadstone Paramics has driven the innovation agenda for traffic microsimulation modelling software since the early 1990’s. With over 2000 users in 45 countries, their pedestrian simulation software tools have been deployed on some of the World’s highest profile projects, by a broad mix of Federal, State and Local Government Agencies along with consulting engineering firms of all sizes. Operating autonomously as part of a London Stock Market listed company, Quadstone Paramics continues to address the changing demands of the Global Market through offices in the UK and the United States, along with resellers in Australia, Europe and Asia. The culmination of over 6 man years of development, the launch of the Urban Analytics Framework (UAF) Software from Quadstone Paramics brings vastly improved levels of software capability pedestrian modelling the world over.

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Leading Innovator Provides Real-Time-Visibility Enabled Supply Chain Management Solution To The CPG Giant For The Annual Award Honoring Best Practices In Logistics

PINC Solutions, the leading innovator in real-time visibility enabled supply chain management solutions, today announces that its customer, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, has been awarded the 2009 Logistics Best Practices Gold Award for the company’s yard management project using a system provided by PINC.


The winning case study of the trailer tracking project was featured as the cover story for the June issue of Logistics Management Magazine. “K-C transformed managing semi-trailers and yard jockey services at a 1,200-acre site with manual processes from a labor intensive, inefficient and costly process using paper logs, old data, unknown asset locations and lack of actionable information into a modern, Web-based management process to achieve real-time asset visibility and significant cost savings,” noted the judges of the award.

“We are very excited to see Kimberly-Clark being honored for its achievement in using technology to improve operational efficiencies,” said Michelle Kiang, Vice President of Marketing of PINC Solutions. “By working in partnership with our customers, we have developed a unique technology platform that has proven to help the users improve their supply chain visibility and optimize their yard and transportation operations. Our customers see immediate returns on their investment by reducing costs and improving productivity.”

This award followed other recognitions won by PINC and its customers in the supply chain and logistics industry. Most recently, PINC was named among the 2009 top 100 technology solution and service providers by both Inbound Logistics and Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazines.

More details about Kimberly-Clark’s award-winning case study can be found online at http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/CA6663594.html

About PINC Solutions
PINC is a leading provider of real-time visibility enabled yard management solutions headquartered in Berkeley, California. Its clients include Fortune-1000 businesses in manufacturing, retail and transportation including Kraft Foods and Kimberly-Clark. PINC has pioneered the development of real-time-location-system (RTLS) using an innovative combination of passive RFID, GPS, MEMS and other wireless sensors to determine the item position in real time, eliminating the need for capital investment in the infrastructure. PINC provides turnkey yard management solutions delivered over the web on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. For more information please visit www.pincsolutions.com.

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