PINC Solutions Announces New Extension of Yard Hound™ Products for Real-Time Monitoring of Temperature Controlled Trailers

PINC Solutions, the leader in cost-effective yard management solutions based on real-time asset visibility technologies, announces the latest addition to its growing portfolio of RTLS-enabled yard visibility and management products for cold chain management applications. Yard Hound Reefer enables automated, remote monitoring of the current temperature inside refrigerated trailers and their fuel levels. With Yard Hound Reefer installed, the yard personnel can effectively supervise refrigerated trailers without conducting repeated, time-consuming manual checks.

Design with the same principle of scalable architecture and minimal infrastructure requirements as the core Yard Hound systems, Yard Hound Reefer leverages passive RFID and IEEE 802.15.4-standard based mesh networking technology for transmitting monitored information from the trailers back to the database in real-time. Available with permanent or temporary mounting options, the PINC Reefer Tag is a PINC Tag enhanced with a low-power circuitry to monitor temperature, fuel level, and the status of the attached trailer refrigeration unit. Customer configurable, automatic alarms and notifications can be set to alert of events such as temperature exceeding alarm set point or fuel-level decreasing below predefined threshold. Trailer temperature history and preventive maintenance information of the monitored units are also available through the system.

Key benefits of Yard Hound Reefer include

• Save labor costs for frequent yard checks for visual inspections
• Prevent costly product shrinkage due to spoilage and the resultant insurance claim
• Lower fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emission
• Optimize yard zoning by eliminating the constraint of proximity to the guard
• Reduce maintenance and repair costs

About PINC Solutions
PINC is a privately held company headquartered in Berkeley, California. Its real time asset visibility and management solution, Yard Hound™, is deployed at industry-leading customers in manufacturing, retail and transportation sectors throughout North America. PINC’s clients include Fortune-500 businesses as well as leaders in the SMB segment. PINC has pioneered the development a unique RTLS platform using passive RFID, MEMS and other wireless sensors to determine the item position in real time, eliminating the need for heavy capital investment in the infrastructure. The Yard Hound systems are turnkey solutions delivered over the web on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. These systems have already proven their value through immediate efficiency improvements in customers’ daily operations, with the overall improvements in economics typically generating a positive ROI in less than a year. For more information about PINC Solutions and the Yard Hound products, please visit

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Staveley Head One Of The Country’s Leading HGV Insurance Providers Has Said That It’s Possible The Haulage Industry May Be The New Barometer To Assess Fluctuations In The Economy

A Staveley Head spokesman said “Traditionally it was always the motor manufacturing industry that was recognised as the barometer for any economic recession or recovery, but of course we no longer have sufficient motor manufacturing capacity in the UK on which to base an opinion. More recently it has been suggested that the building industry is the new barometer but the agricultural and general manufacturing industries combined contribute a far bigger percentage of the Gross Domestic Product than the building trade. It would seem logical that any function dependent on agriculture and manufacturing would be a more accurate indicator of deepening economic recession or recovery.”

“Hauliers would seem to be the obvious choice. Haulage facilities are needed by both agriculture and manufacturing to transport their produce. In a buoyant market the call for hauliers will increase and conversely in a declining market the need will diminish. Either way, hauliers will be among the first to feel the affect.”

“Due to our substantial involvement in truck insurance we areaware that hauliers are experiencing hard times, like so many other industries, and few are anticipating any upturn in the immediate future; but at least they have the comfort of knowing that when the ‘green shoots of recovery’ do finally arrive they should be among the first to benefit.”

If you want further information about this subject, want to compare HGV insurance or simply want a truck insurance quote Staveley Head will be pleased to assist.

Staveley Head is one of the country’s leading lorry insurance providers and will give you all the advice and assistance you need, including a very competitive truck insurance quote, if you log on to their website.

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Friendly Man & Van

For over the past 15 years, I’ve worked in one of the most demanding fields imaginable – the man and van industry (first as a trainee and eventually as a team supervisor over a group of movers). Not only is the work physically demanding for man and van, but also it’s emotionally demanding. Besides being able to lift 50-pound boxes, full-length sofas, and antique bedroom sets, professional movers must be patient, sensitive and understanding to their client’s needs. After all, moving is perhaps one of the most stressful events that a person experiences in life. Throughout my career as one of the top man and van, I’ve always wanted to share my experiences and suggestions with others to make that big move that much more enjoyable. I have the time to actually sit down at my computer and write my “man and van” suggestions, tips, advice, etc. in the form of an ongoing blog. I plan to write blogs on an almost daily basis on a variety of “moving” related subjects. Some of the areas that I plan to discuss are the following:

– Packing – How to pack, what to pack, when to pack, and what packing supplies are needed.
– Choosing the right man and van – Perhaps the key to a successful move.
– All you wanted to know about moving insurance.
Moving internationally – What to know beforehand to make the internationally move a success.
– Do-it-yourself moving versus using full-service movers.
– Estimates from movers.
– Plus much more.

Examples of some moving tips In almost every blog, I mention some type of movers’ tips or suggestions. Here are some examples:

Most of all – sit back and enjoy Even if you don’t plan to move tomorrow, simply sit back and read my movers’ advice and tips for a latter day. Sooner or later, everybody makes that big move in life.

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